Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

Palmero Parking Garage
  • OwnerVGR Investments Ltd.
  • ContractorCooper Construction Limited
  • ConsultantSG & M Architects
  • Structure Details

    81 - 12’ TT’s 50,196 sqft
    18 Beams 549 L.FT
    39 Spandrels 1,208 L.FT
    20 Columns 315 L.FT
    5 Shear Walls 757 sqft
    21 Panels 3,412 sqft

Pre-Con in Brampton, ON supplied the precast concrete elements for an above grade two level parking structure with 300 parking stalls. The structure included three total precast stair towers purposefully placed to provide convenient exits for patrons of the adjacent medical office building.

By incorporating additional structural capacity early in design phase, Pre-Con’s in-house engineering team assisted the consultants in maximizing the efficiency of the precast design to allow for a future third level. To compliment the adjacent Medical office building, the exterior façade features a simulated brick finish, which was achieved through the use of brick textured form liners and multi coloured staining.

Pre-Con’s parking structures feature Clearspan construction. To provide greater safety and convenience for both cars and patrons, Clearspan construction features columns located at the ends of parking stalls eliminating intrusive obstructions providing open sightlines.

The inclement weather of the winter season did not interfere with the owner’s deadline for completion. Manufacturing of the precast garage elements off-site in Pre-Con’s enclosed plant during the site preparation saved time while ensuring a high quality

With limited access, the majority of the precast erection was confined to within the garage footprint minimizing any onsite disruptions.