Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

New Oakville Hospital Parking Garage
  • OwnerHalton Healthcare
  • ContractorEllis-Don jv. Carillion
  • ConsultantParkin Architects jv. Adamson Assocs. Architects
  • Structure Details

    517 TT’s – 350,000 sq.ft.
    120 Beams – 3,800 LF
    143 Spandrels – 34,000 sq.ft.
    66 Columns – 2,500 LF
    4 Column Walls - 730 sq.ft.
    40 Shear Walls – 14,200 sq.ft
    62 Stair Shaft Walls – 13,100 sq.ft.
    40 Stair Risers & Landings

Pre-Con supplied the precast concrete elements for the 6 Level 1,180 stall Parking Garage built to serve patrons of the New Oakville Hospital Complex.

Pre-Con worked closely with the Architects early in the production stage to ensure the specified design aesthetics were achieved. Brampton’s Team crafted 3 different finishes by using textured form liners and pigments, in conjunction with a sandblasted surface treatment. The main goal was to match the precast panels on the adjacent Hospital Complex concurrently under construction.

Brampton’s erection crews carefully sequenced construction by using 5 different crane setups working West to East inside the footprint of the Parking Garage.

A separate smaller 80 ton crane erected the first Stair Tower & Elevator Shaft allowing the General Contractor to get an early start on the construction complexities of the Elevator Shaft. A 300 Ton Crane was then used to erect the large main structure.
The precast installation was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule, assisting the General Contractor to achieve the original Substantial Completion Date.