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Flexwall Wall Panels Easily Removed & Relocated for Warehouse Expansion
  • OwnerLocher Evers International
  • ContractorProject Manager - Giffels Design Build Inc.
  • Consultant
  • Structure Details

    30 Flexwall panels (535m2)

Pre-Con maximizes the versatility of the Flexwall precast insulated wall panel system by designing for the easy removal and relocation of panels to accommodate future expansion.

The warehouse of Locher Evers International, a large freight forwarding company, was designed and built in 2001 using durable, attractive Flexwall precast insulated wall panels. As the company grew, so too did its need for warehouse space. The existing Flexwall panels, which had been designed for easy removal and relocation, provided a fast and economical solution.

With experienced Pre-Con crews on-site, the Flexwall panels were removed from the south elevation and stockpiled for re-use. Temporary hoarding was installed to keep out the elements while site and steel work were completed.
Once the expanded roof was completed, the previously stockpiled panels were reinstalled along with new Flexwall panels that matched the original rib pattern and custom feature band. In total, 30 Flexwall panels (535m2) were installed within two days, providing speed and economy with minimal disruption.