Providing Precast Solutions in Ontario

Economical Insurance Parking Garage
  • OwnerEconomical Insurance
  • ContractorAEC Developments
  • Consultant
  • Structure Details

    142 - 12’ TT’s, (93,998 sq.ft.)
    8 – Beams, (322 LF)
    68 – Spandrel Panels. (2,486 LF)
    12 – Columns, (554 LF)
    15 – Column Walls, (524 LF)
    9 – Shear Walls, (2,364 sq.ft.)
    13 – Panels, (1,736 sq.ft.)
    52 – Stair Walls, (7,875 sq.ft.)
    9 – Solid Slabs, (795 sq.ft.)
    19 – Stair, units

This new parking garage was built to serve an existing active office complex. The owner, Economical Insurance Co. had specific requirements to ensure the garage construction ran unobtrusively as possible.

Pre-Con’s option was the chosen solution to provide a durable user friendly garage utilizing prefabricated precast elements, thus minimalizing the disruption to the ongoing business. The 6 level, 386 stall garage incorporating 2 stair towers was the optimal configuration for the owner.

Various site issues posed challenges including: a new driveway entrance off Riverbend Drive; closure of one of the existing driveways and the close proximity of the garage to the office building. With these challenges top of mind, Pre-Con’s Project Manager worked with AEC Developments’ site super to find a close offsite staging area, while the erection crews assembled the crane off shift & on the weekend.

Detailed project planning and erection sequencing made this project successful by reducing truck movement and minimizing construction equipment and onsite trades.